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Hi, I'm Ananya Pathak. (she/her)
'Ananya' means 'unique' in sanskrit, so I guess that's what I wanna be.
Hence, the silly format:

The nerdy 25%: As someone who loves books, and tea, and learning (especially with regards to creative writing, literature, sociology, history, philosophy, psychology, theatre &c.), my personality very much vibes with the whole ~desi dark academia~ aesthetic, so I create stuff that appreciates the amazing-ness of our endless pursuit of knowledge (aka, I rlly love studying and am, basically, a nerd)


The foodie 25%: Plus, I'm plant-based (mostly for the environment!) and in another life I'd probably be a chef so I love creating ✨eccentric, flamboyant and gastronomic✨ recipes that also don't take too much time or effort because--well--I'm a student. There's also just something so beautiful about food and its social and cultural history(that I also love studying!), which provides an accessible way to better understand not only my own heritage but also other cultures around the world. To me, cooking is just another art form that I express myself in. 

The believes-in-the-power-of-storytelling 25%: Also, I possess a burning passion to tell stories--whether in video form on                  or in my photography or my writing on my             --because I know the importance of diverse representation (I'm a total bookworm (and film enthusiast) btw) in the struggle to build a better society and world. A lot of my work comes from my own intersectional identity and understanding of the world, hence, I talk a lot about gender, sustainability, mental health and identity. I am clearly not a very focused individual but, well, I can't help be attracted to every shiny issue (society has an abundance of these--who knew?) I post a lot about my current work on Linkedin (oooo shiny new micro-media platform).

The ball-of-pure-chaos 25%: I'm just your average, tired, all-over-the-place teenager who is a bumbling mess, with no sense of conciseness.

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